Home again, home again

Jiggety-jig. When I say “home,” I mean Vancouver. We got on the bus in Victoria at 1:20 and walked in our apartment at 5:45. We took an express bus and a train (and a walk) home from the ferry so we saved a lot of money compared to taking a taxi. It almost makes up for Charlie’s leaving his North Face windbreaker on the Victoria bus to the ferry. 😦 I just bought him that one a few weeks ago because the one I just bought him in Denver was accidentally left at the Denver apartment.
Below is another photo from Butchart Gardens. Charlie has been reading the blog and was wondering why the “Aaaaa!” photo wasn’t on there. So here it is, Charlie.

There was a fire this morning in the first floor of the building next to our hotel. I didn’t see any smoke or flames, but I did see a firefighter in a hazmat suit bringing things out and photographing things. I’m not sure why the gas container was left in the doorway.

I was reading our free copy of The Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper, at the hotel this morning. There was an article about the high cost of living in Vancouver which said that in March the average sales price of a house was $1.2 million (which is still over a million US dollars), down from $1.3 million in February.

There was a short parade down Government Street in Victoria this afternoon. It seemed to cover many causes – environmentalism, Tibet, environment in Tibet, breast cancer cure…

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