Victoria Day

Today was Victoria Day, a Canadian national holiday (except in Quebec). So we took a much-needed break from our backbreaking labor…I guess that sentence depresses me more than amuses me. I need a job. We went to Stanley Park again today, this time exploring some of the west side of the park, including Lost Lagoon and Second Beach.

Turtles in Lost Lagoon

Turtles in Lost Lagoon

A few days ago we walked to Trout Lake Park where we saw a mama duck with 15 ducklings that looked like they had recently hatched.

Saturday we went to QE Park again where Laurel practiced guitar and Charlie worked on his crossword puzzle book.

The kids have been playing basketball at Mount Pleasant Park, chess at the big neighborhood chess set a couple blocks from our house, and walking on the slack lines that someone set up near the chess set.

Saturday we’ll fly to Maui! And on the 31st we’ll move to an apartment a few miles west of here where we’ll be until July 19 when we fly to Toronto.

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