Hocking Hills, Ohio

Laurel, Charlie, Mom, and I drove to Hocking Hills – kind of southeast Ohio – for a couple days. The forest there is lush and beautiful, and Charlie kept saying, “This is like Costa Rica!” We even saw moss growing on trees. I asked Laurel if we’d ever seen moss in Colorado. She said, “I saw some under the hose once at our Castle Rock house.” We stayed in a cottage at Bear Run Inn which is owned and operated by Bud & Marcia Myers who just happen to have lived a few years of the 1960’s in Colorado Springs and were Lutheran missionaries before that. Bud took us and the other guests on a hayride Tuesday evening and we got to feed hay to his beautiful horses and see some of his farm.





3 thoughts on “Hocking Hills, Ohio

  1. So green!! But after all these years in Colorado, green makes me think, “Bugs!!”
    I’m curious: how wide a variety of pencil sharpeners did you see?

    • I have purchased some anti-itch cream, Suzanne; the mosquitoes in Ohio are robust and plentiful. As for the pencil-sharpener museum…it was actually even sillier than I expected. Some guy started buying pencil sharpeners at Wal-Mart and other stores when he retired and ended up collecting 3,500. There were numerous newspaper articles about him, and he was honored by the Ohio legislature.

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