The light at the end of the tunnel/bedroom wall

Although Laurel’s temperature remains about the same – between 100 and 100.6 – Charlie’s dropped from 103 yesterday to 99 today! Yay! He has a nose bleed that won’t go away, but he’s in good spirits as is Laurel. I have a temperature of 100.6 now, but I feel fine. My poor boy slept most of yesterday and didn’t want to eat – a sure sign of illness with that one. I’m so relieved that they’re both feeling better although I’m not sure why Laurel and I still have fevers.
Laurel sleeps on the living room sofa that folds out, and Charlie and I sleep in the bedroom. This morning Laurel knelt on the living room sofa and put her head through the hole/shelf between the two rooms. “Kaaaatie,” she said mysteriously. “You shall bear a son and call his name Jesus.”
“Well, that’s a new take on it,” I said. “Instead of a teenager, it’s a middle-aged woman with two other kids.”
“That sounds like a bad sit-com, ‘Messiah in the Middle,'” she said. “The other kids resent him because he gets all the attention.”

One thought on “The light at the end of the tunnel/bedroom wall

  1. Hope you all get to feeling better very soon!!! And, in response to your previous post, maybe the upstairs maid will do your laundry on the side while she (the stay at home mom) is out and about… Maybe she likes homemade cookies or something?… 🙂

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