Rachel’s Quilt is Ready (After Only Ten Years)!

After renting a car and driving to Castle Rock this morning, we (even I) played at Rhyolite Park and then ate lunch with our friend Sally. We then drove back to Rhyolite and went on a short hike before heading to Laurel’s final orthodontist appointment (to get her retainers). Then it was off to the home of Karyn the quilter in Black Forest to pick up the quilt that I made for my niece, Rachel. I had finished (mostly) the top but needed the three layers sewn together and the binding sewn around the edge. I started this quilt in February 2004 – exactly ten years ago – when Barb & Ray hadn’t even brought Rachel home from China yet. It lay unfinished in my basement all this time, and I finally realized before we moved that I wasn’t going to sew a border on and just took it to a quilter in December. Karyn did a great job. We drove to Barb’s house in the Springs and gave it to Rachel who said she really liked it. Then it was back up to Castle Rock for a wonderful home-cooked meal at the home of our friends Patti & Lucia. Patti also lent us snow pants, a coat, and gloves for our Breckenridge ski adventure in a couple weeks. Then it was back to Denver and driving around a few blocks looking for a place to park so that I didn’t have to return the rental car and walk home a mile in the dark. We’ll return it tomorrow morning.
We haven’t been doing a lot of sightseeing lately, but we have walked to some parks near our house including City Park in the photo below.

The quilt is folded over.  Barb's holding it behind Rachel.

The quilt is folded over. Barb’s holding it behind Rachel.

I think Laurel looks like Malia Obama in this photo.

I think Laurel looks like Malia Obama in this photo.

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