Detroit airport & Siberian taxi driver in Boston

We’d never flown into Detroit before, and I didn’t realize how large and pretty their airport is. There’s a really cool hallway leading to the A concourse with flashing and changing colors and music in kind of a tunnel with artsy walls where the colored light flashes. I tried uploading the video here but with no success. There was also a really neat fountain with dancing waters.
Our cab driver in Boston is originally from Siberia. He said the coldest Siberia’s ever been while he was there was -65. The warmest was 32 F. I asked him if they had their food trucked/shipped in. He mimed hunting (after we were parked). He said he doesn’t eat meat in Boston because it all tastes like The Globe. “Do you know what The Globe is?” he asked in an accent that reminded me of Yakov Smirnoff. “It’s the liberal newspaper here.”

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