Do Re Mi Fa So..and so on

We (Ok, “I”) wanted to see The Sound of Music sites in Salzburg but had limited time.  We also wanted to walk around the old town a bit more and see the house where Mozart was born.  We enjoyed looking in the store windows and seeing traditional Austrian clothes – the dresses like you see women wearing at Oktoberfest celebrations and lederhosen.  “Oh, I would’ve loved that a few years ago!” Laurel said when we saw a beautiful dress.  How I wish I could still dress her in something like that.  Charlie would look adorable in the lederhosen and coat, but I didn’t care to spend several hundred dollars on an outfit so we limited ourselves to window shopping.  After eating gross hot dogs at the Christmas market, we took a taxi to Mirabel Garden where we saw some Sound of Music statues and fountains and then went to the train station.  It was good to get back “home” to Paris.

IMG_5885 IMG_5886 IMG_5888 IMG_5890 IMG_5897 IMG_5899

2 thoughts on “Do Re Mi Fa So..and so on

  1. Statues and fountains! Got it! The grave sites are beautiful and interesting. Hope you are feeling well again! Some of your stops were emotionally draining, I’m sure.

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