I’m sitting in the small lobby of our Salzburg inn where I can use the wifi. I’ll have to catch up the blog with the other posts when we return to Paris.
We took a 2 1/2-hour train from Vienna to Salzburg today and, after checking into our hotel, walked across the Salzach River on the pedestrian-only Mozart Bridge to the Christmas Market and Old Town. Then we took the funicular up the hill to Hohensalzburg Fortress (nearly 1,000 years old). The view is spectacular. We were able to eat at the restaurant up there as well which was fantastic. Strangely, a man came around with a bread basket and served it only to the people seated by the windows, i.e. those who had reservations. Tomorrow I hope to see some Sound of Music sites. We saw the “I have confidence in sunshine” fountain today at the Christmas market, but I didn’t realize it at the time. It’s covered in a protective, glass triangle for the winter – so the pipes don’t freeze maybe? I didn’t really understand why it had to be covered.











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