Open-air market and a couple more from the cemetery

I forgot a few things on the previous post…

Poor David

Poor David

IMG_1468 IMG_4848


Saturday we toured a farmer’s market, bakeries, and other local food outlets with Lydie, our tour guide.  Did you know there are stores that just sell cheese?  I bought a few kinds among the hundreds of varieties available at one of Paris’ many fromageries.  The kids ate croissants and pain au chocolate from two bakeries, and we bought fair-trade chocolate at another place to eat at home.  We ate oysters with lemon juice and drank white wine (me) and grape juice (kids) at an oyster bar.  I bought five kilos of oranges – or some kind of clementine-like fruit – at the farmers market but wasn’t thinking about how we’d need to carry that around for the rest of the tour and then back home on two trains and a walk.  We’re boosting our immune systems though!  I also took video of some of the musicians we encountered.  Since I rarely take video with my phone, I wasn’t thinking about how I shouldn’t turn the phone mid-video.  I’m not very bright sometimes.  So the one video is part sideways.  When I just tried to load the videos, I received an error message that that file type is not allowed.  So I tried to upload them to YouTube, but they both say they’re 0% loaded.  Oh well, maybe another day.

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One thought on “Open-air market and a couple more from the cemetery

  1. Don’t you just love the cemeteries? The history is mind boggling! All of Europe is fab! Enjoying all your pics! Ruth A. stopped me at church to let me know you were returning in May! 🙂 And yes, your card finally got here! Take care! Love, Sandy

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