My friends Jen & Dave

You may recall my photos and story of meeting up with my friend Jen & her husband Dave at Niagara Falls in July.  Jen and I met when we both volunteered – answering the phone, checking people in and out – at the Denver Ronald McDonald House years ago.  I took Laurel with me to volunteer then, but she was a toddler and doesn’t remember.  Jen is a Buffalo native and returned there after Denver.  There she met Dave whom she married in 2010.  While they were engaged, Dave was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer.  The two of them have been flying back and forth to Little Rock, Arkansas for the past four and a half years where Dave receives his treatments.  He has been in and out of remission over the years.  Each time his cancer comes back worse than before.  A week and a half ago he flew to Little Rock where his doctor told him he’d be dead by Christmas if he decided against further treatment.  Dave went with a type of chemo that was supposed to be fairly mild, I think.  However, he currently has an infection and is in ICU.  Jen is with him and is suffering to watch her husband suffer.  My heart aches for them.  With all they have to deal with, they both still frequently comment on my blog.  At Niagara Falls – the only time I met Dave, still bald and slender from his most recent treatments – he had more energy than I did and was a delightful tour guide with his extensive historical and geological knowledge of the area.  I’m not a praying person anymore, but if you are, please pray for my friends.  They make the world a better place.

7 thoughts on “My friends Jen & Dave

  1. We’ll definitely keep them both in our prayers! What do you mean, “You’re not a praying person anymore?” Just curious! Sand

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  2. Thanks Katie for you love and kindness of word an deed. This is David. You have brought tears to my eyes.
    May God continue to be with you thorough travels. You are a charing and lovely little family. Laural, do NOT stop playing your guitar!!!!!!

  3. Prayers, peace and strength to you! I don’t know you, but if Katie, Laurel and Charlie do…and they care, I do as well! Prayers are not always answered the way we would like and may leave us questioning, but I pray you will be able to find comfort and peace in whatever circumstances you find yourself! Blessings…Mikki

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