Santa Clara Travel Show

We left the house at 7:40 am today and now at nearly 6 pm are on a bus about a half hour from home. I figured out how to use my cell phone as a hotspot and am typing this on the iPad. We went to the Santa Clara Convention Center today – nearly five hours round trip on mass transit. We went to the travel show there because we saw an ad that showed Samantha Brown, whose travel videos Charlie has been watching for a couple years, would be there. And she was! Her talk was very popular, as was Rick Steves’, but unlike Steves, she didn’t just sign autographs with no personal photos or talking. She really spent time talking to each person which meant that we stood in line for an hour, but we still made our bus to Caltrain. Charlie was thrilled, and Ms. Brown is friendly and kind.
Charlie also was able to go zip lining for free before the talk. A vendor who offers zip lining through the redwoods was offering that. He really enjoyed that, too.






3 thoughts on “Santa Clara Travel Show

  1. How cool! I love Samantha Brown & Rick Steves! & you got to zip line. Nice day. Do you think you are going to end up living in CA once your travels are done? Sounds like you are loving it so much! So great! Peace, Jen

    • Thanks, Jen! California has lots to offer, but the areas with good mass transit (actually that’s just San Francisco, the rest of the state is based on the car) are too expensive to live full-time. But maybe I’ll buy some lottery tickets or learn a valuable skill in the next few years that would allow me to move here. 🙂

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