Cliff House & Ocean Beach

We ate a late lunch/early dinner at the Cliff House at Ocean Beach today. There are huge windows all around so you can look out at the Pacific Ocean and Seal Rocks. We thought there would be seals at Seal Rocks which was one of the big incentives for our going. However, we found out there were never seals there. There used to be sea lions that would “haul out” on the rocks, but those are all at Pier 39 now. Apparently the locals used to call sea lions seals. Anyway, it was a lovely view. I ate cioppino, a fish stew with a big ol’ crustacean plopped in it for me to crack open. Then we walked along the beach and watched the sun set before taking the light rail and bus back home. There’s still so much we want to do in San Francisco before we leave; I can’t believe we only have 2 1/2 weeks left. Unlike in Phoenix, the time here is flying by. I was thinking about how small San Francisco is (land wise) and looked up it and Phoenix on Wikipedia. San Francisco has 47 square miles of land with a population density of 17,620 per square mile. Phoenix has 512 square miles with a population density of 2,800 people/square mile. So Phoenix has more than ten times the land of San Francisco, and San Francisco has more than six times the density. What that means and meant for us is that it was difficult to get around Phoenix because it’s soooo spread out, but it’s easy to get around San Francisco because we could walk across it from east to west or north to south in one day if we had to; but we don’t because there’s great mass transit. Plus there’s a whole lot more to do here because there are so many people living so close to each other.







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