Insurance for rental cars

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can stop paying through the nose for rental-car insurance? Since I no longer own a car, I don’t have car insurance. Thus, I have to pay for car insurance every time I rent a car. In Oregon, insurance for rental cars (and presumably owned cars) is about twice California’s rate. Yuriy, the friendly, Russian-born Armenian (It came up when he asked where we’re going in our travels.) car-rental agent this evening, told me that Oregon’s rates are much higher than other states because of having so much rain and therefore, more accidents. I could weep at how much we’re paying. I decided to upgrade to a Toyota Prius to save a little on gas, but then Yuriy told me I could have any car I wanted when he took me up to the garage – even the BMW. I felt weird about taking that and Laurel was mad that I didn’t go with the Ford Mustang, but we got another Chrysler 300, like we did in Tennessee. It has built-in GPS and satellite radio. It’s disturbing how quickly I get accustomed to luxury. When we were in Colorado for a couple days in September, I rented a Toyota Corolla which seemed like a tin can compared to the Chrysler. The Hyundai Elantra that Wayne and I bought in 2008 was the nicest car I’d ever driven until recently; but man, after satellite radio, heated seats, back-up camera, GPS, there’s no going back.
Re: the insurance, I should add that I was reading online about Visa’s providing insurance if you pay for the rental car with Visa. When I tried to have that be my insurance in Oceanside, I couldn’t. The agent asked for the name of my insurance company. When I told her I was leaving it up to Visa, she said she couldn’t let me off the lot without insurance.

2 thoughts on “Insurance for rental cars

  1. What if you were added to one of your sisters auto policy, presumably one that doesn’t pay high insurance rates.  Maybe the sister you gave your Elantra to. You could pay a portion of the policy. You would of course need the policy info, an insurance card, etc.  Then you would have insurance coverage thru that policy.

    Just a thought, but maybe worth looking into . Good luck, and enjoy the luxury vehicle!


  2. I had always thought that most credit cards cover the insurance. I think you should call your credit card company about that! By the way, I have a Toyota Corolla 2003 & I like it, but when we rented a Corolla this summer, it totally was like a tin can! I couldn’t believe it! Do you think they make lower end cars for rental companies or are Corolla’s now made out of old tuna cans??? Peace, Jen

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